Exploiting vulnerabilities is one of the most common methods used by attackers to compromise the security of organisation’s information management systems. Therefore, a successful vulnerability management program is necessary to continually identify, assess and remediate vulnerabilities in your IT environment. Many compliance regulations (PCI-DSS, HIPAA etc.) and cybersecurity frameworks (NIST, CSF etc.) list having a vulnerability management program is a crucial step to protect an organisation’s intellectual property.

We offer Intelligence-driven context and expert advice for end-to-end vulnerability discovery, action planning, and remediation orchestration.

Also cyber security penetration testing is a great way for an organization to build its cybersecurity confidence. Penetration Testing (or pen testing) is the act of validating any weaknesses in your organization’s cyber security infrastructure, including network equipment, servers, services, operating systems and applications. Pen testing is an incredibly effective way to validate your monitoring and detection systems, improve your understanding of layered security exploitation and to discover how vulnerabilities can be used to exploit your system.

Our Penetration Testing services are goal oriented and focused on a multi-level discipline that involves asset recognition and foot-printing, threat modeling, vulnerability discovery, exploitation and post-exploitation actions.

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