A Network Security Assessment is an audit that is designed to find vulnerabilities that are at risk of being compromised and could cause harm to business operations, or leak sensitive information. Vulnerabilities can come in various forms and are constantly changing with new technology, viruses, and applications; but they can be categorized into three categories. External, internal, and social. Network Security should be a top priority for all organizations and security assessments should be conducted regularly.

Our goal is to help you;

Discover any external or internal entry points

Identify if a combination of lower-risk vulnerabilities could be exploited in a particular sequence to create a high-risk weakness

Identify security vulnerabilities in application, file, and database servers

Audit and measure the size of potential impacts of successful attacks both inside and from outside of the company

Test the viability of network defenders to detect and respond to attacks

Provide evidence to support increased IT investments or network security

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