Networks are the backbone of every business. Even in small or enterprise-level businesses, the loss of productivity during a network outage can result in hefty damages. Hence, the need for a Network Performance Monitoring for efficient management software.

Network monitoring helps you anticipate potential outages and address network problems proactively. This helps in maintaining a congestion-free network that keeps your business up and running. A network monitoring software helps you to monitor the performance of any IP-based device and helps businesses to remotely visualize their system performance and monitor network services, bandwidth utilization, switches, routers and traffic flow.

Network downtime can cost a lot of money. This is why network monitoring is a necessity. A powerful network performance monitor tool, lets you monitor all your devices for availability, performance, traffic, and other parameters, so you can monitor network performance and issues proactively and prevent problems from bringing down your network.  Help network administrators get an end-user perspective of network and application performance, which helps them detect and resolve issues easily. Also must permit admins to test how a network performs under a certain load so you can better understand your network’s bandwidth and see whether or not you need to better allocate resources.

NPM aids admins in identifying security threats and sudden spikes in traffic levels to reduce device downtime, and lets you monitor your IP assets and equipment upgrades, and ensures smooth performance.