Network monitoring is an essential requirement for businesses that heavily rely upon IT for day-to-day operations. Many businesses deploy network monitoring as a means of reducing network infrastructure problems, improving network performance and increasing employee productivity. When it comes to ongoing daily operations, network monitoring is a critical part of maintaining the overall health of your internal network.

Network monitoring is a system that monitors your internal IT infrastructure for potential problems. The system is capable of identifying a large number of specific issues that can effect the overall performance of your network infrastructure. When any issues are detected, a network monitoring system will alert your system administrator or IT services organisation, in addition to providing advanced tools for correcting issues before they become a major problem.

The network monitoring process uses a system that can include a variety of different configurations, including hardware or software solutions or a combination of both. Additionally, a network monitoring solution is capable of overseeing the functions of virtually any type of network including a Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, or Virtual Private Network.

Network monitoring processes are capable of monitoring systems with a variety of different functions and devices including servers, computers with different operating systems, mobile devices, network routers and switches, firewalls and other system components. The system assists network administrators with identifying network issues and measuring the performance and health status of a network.

This ensures you are protected against internal security threats and you are meeting specific compliance requirements for your industry. A network monitoring solution also helps to create more visibility with daily network operations as well.