Mobile application security assessment is another service provided we offer in which we assess your mobile applications to identify all vulnerabilities and potentially risky actions that would otherwise leave your network or applications open to attacks. The goal of our mobile app security assessment service is to help you to remediate and secure your mobile applications before you deploy or release them to the market.

The fast-growing use of mobile devices has made it critically important for every business or organization to conduct regular mobile security assessment if they hope to prevent data breaches and other cybersecurity threats. A majority of mobile applications used today were not developed with security in mind. You, therefore, need to run a mobile security assessment to not only stay safe but to ensure that your business complies with the security regulations of compliance bodies such as HIPAA, PCI DSS and others.

Boch Systems ensure that all your mobile applications are secure and compliant with the required security standards. To help you achieve this goal, we dig deep and identify any security flaw present in your mobile applications, address all the identified vulnerabilities, and ensure that your applications comply with the required standards. We ensure that your data flow is secure and compliant.

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