Insider threat is a security incident that originates within an organization. This doesn’t mean that the actor is a current employee or staff in the organization. They could be a consultant, former employee, business partner or board member. It could be anyone who has an insider knowledge and/or access to the organization’s confidential data, IT, or network resources, they should be considered a potential insider threat. Hence, the need for an Insider Threat Protection.

To reduce the risk of insider threats and limit the damage that may be done, organizations need to implement privileged account security solutions that offer insider threat protection.

Insider threat protection addresses a wide range of use cases to secure privileged credentials and secrets wherever they exist: on-premises, in the cloud, and anywhere in between.

A comprehensive solution for privileged account security enables organizations to proactively limit user privileges and control access to privileged accounts to reduce the risk of an insider attack, and it simultaneously offers real-time threat analytics to aid in insider threat detection.

Insider Threat Protection System ensures that only authorized users are able to access powerful privileged accounts, it prevent users from being able to gain unapproved elevated privileges. It helps to establish strict accountability over the use of privileged accounts by tracking who accessed what accounts and what actions were taken and also improve forensic analysis and by generating a detailed, tamper-proof audit trail of all privileged account activity and rapidly detect and be alerted on anomalous activity that could signal an insider attack.