It is essential for a firm of any size to have business in place a business continuity plan that ensures operations remain unaffected by occurrences of unpredicted events such as cyber attacks, natural disasters, or other external threats. With advancements in technology, attacks like ransomeware are becoming more common and complex than before, making it necessary for organizations to add ransomeware protection to their data backup systems. However, many businesses are yet to upgrade their existing legacy backup and data recovery systems. With cybersecurity threats only expected to aggravate, companies that fail to invest in the latest technologies are at risk of data breaches. Moreover, maintaining business continuity will also help reduce long-term technology costs, decrease the need for manual and time-consuming IT fixes and detect problems at the first sign of a potential disaster.

Business continuity is a framework for building organizational resilience capabilities, which can safeguard the interests of the organization’s stakeholders, reputation, and value-creating activities, but also on maintaining continuity of critical services.

This should not be a one-time project, but rather should be constructed as an ongoing management and governance process designed to identify potential impacts, maintain visible strategies and plans designed to mitigate those impacts. It should be kept vital and up-to-date with training, exercises, maintenance, and review. Collaboration ia also a key: business continuity processes engage leaders and employees across an organization. A carefully considered, well-documented, and actively rehearsed business continuity regime allows am organization to provide confidence to its stakeholders that it is indeed operating within the parameters of risk and risk apeitite defined by the organization.

Our services can help your company prepare for the worst. We can help you craft a complete Disaster Recovery Plan that tailor fits your company and requirements and helps ensure the safety and security of your data during a disaster. We then work with your team to help translate DR Plans into real-world actionable tasks that your staff can carry out in the event of a disaster to safeguard your data and your systems and get your business up and running again quickly.

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