Enterprise mobile application refers to a mobile application that is used in the business world to solve the problems of an enterprise. Generally, an enterprise application is a software platform that is very large and complex. Enterprise mobile applications are created to either combine or interface with other enterprise mobile applications that the company uses. In addition, enterprise mobile applications are designed with the intention of deployment to many different networks, devices, and operation systems; however, they are still developed with administrative management and security capabilities.

The development of enterprise mobile applications exists in conjunction with the rise in employees using personalized mobile devices for corporate applications and accessing company data, which is referred to as Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD. With enterprise mobile applications, all employees can have simplified access to the same applications as everyone else in the company, enabling uniformity between devices while still allowing employees to have the personalized mobile experience that has become commonplace today. This has the benefit of increasing efficiency in the workplace and cutting down costs spent on company devices. While many employees may bill their workplace for certain costs, devices and plans are handled by the individual.

There are many different types of enterprise mobile applications that are used in a corporate setting. For example, these applications may include content management, payment processing, customer support, email marketing systems, automated billing systems, systems for collaboration and messaging, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise application integration (EAI), business intelligence, and many more. Enterprise mobile applications may also be referred to as enterprise mobile apps, enterprise mobile application software, or simply enterprise mobile software.

Who is Alpha Software and what business value do our products deliver?
Alpha Software Corporation accelerates digital innovation and eliminates the bottleneck traditionally associated with developing business apps by enabling line of business users and IT developers to work independently or in parallel to rapidly build business apps that increase productivity and deliver business value.

The Alpha platform is the only unified mobile and web app development and deployment environment with distinct “no-code” and “low-code” components.
Using the Alpha TransForm no-code product, business users and developers can take full advantage of all the capabilities of the smartphone to turn any form into a mobile app in minutes, and power users can add advanced app functionality with Alpha TransForm’s built-in programming language.

IT developers can use the Alpha Anywhere low-code environment to develop complex web or mobile business apps from scratch, integrate data with existing systems of record and workflows (including data collected via Alpha TransForm), and add additional security or authentication requirements to protect corporate data.

What differentiates Alpha from our competitors?
Alpha Software (and its Alpha TransForm no-code product) is able to uniquely:

  1. Enable the creation of mobile apps by virtually any employee
  2. Dramatically speed field data- capture, and improve data accuracy
  3. Utilize capabilities of smartphones or tablets to capture new types of data, not possible with paper forms
  4. Easily integrate critical business apps with existing back-end databases or applications
  5. Access forms and data online and offline

…and developers/IT will never hit limits because Alpha TransForm offers full programmability (if ever needed) and the Alpha Anywhere low-code development environment allows experienced developers to fully extend (add more complex features/functionality, such as security authentication more complex workflow integration, etc.) Alpha TransForm apps or build complex web and mobile apps from scratch.

What is Alpha’s business value proposition?
Alpha TransForm Business Value:

  1. Apply line of business insight into the app development process
  2. Increase the, security, accuracy and timeliness of information capture,
  3. Seamlessly enable data utilization and integration with digital workflows and
    systems of record
  4. Improve worker productivity, customer experience and business outcomes
  5. Gain competitive advantage and cost savings through operational efficiencies
  6. Dramatically lower training and support costs

What business pain and problems does the Alpha platform solve?
Alpha helps companies:

  1. Streamlining the data capture process
  2. Capturing richer data (images, GPS, digital signatures, etc.)
  3. Increase accuracy of data (and eliminating mistakes from rekeying data)
  4. Allow organizations to immediately gain insights or take action on that data because it integrates with existing corporate systems

By enabling the rapid development and deployment of business apps, Alpha TransForm helps companies increase field workers’ productivity and responsiveness.
Alpha TransForm allows business users to create business apps in minutes, with the features and functionality required by IT to securely integrate with existing systems of record, complex workflows, and enterprise dashboard and reporting systems.

With Alpha TransForm you can turn smartphones into powerful business productivity tools:

  1. Let business users quickly develop mobile apps themselves
  2. Capture richer data for business use (annotated photos, speech to text, bar
    code scanning and look-ups, GPS/date/time stamps, etc.)
  3. Integrate with existing databases and workflows you’re already using
  4. Never encounter development limits as requirements evolve or expand

Alpha Anywhere is a complete front- and back-end, low-code app development platform for rapid development, distribution & deployment of mobile and web apps. 
With unique “coding-optional” technology, Alpha Anywhere aids new users, while ensuring that developers achieve high productivity without sacrificing flexibility or control.

Alpha Anywhere enables a wide range of developers – even those without mobile development experience — to build and deploy mobile apps, while allowing experienced developers to add code whenever needed. By enabling more employees to craft business apps, companies can accelerate the creation of process-driven business apps.

  1. Full-stack client and server development environment
  2. Increases IT and development team throughput
  3. Utilizes less specialized development resources to craft mobile apps
  4. Eliminates complex bespoke development projects


  1. Dramatically reduces project development and deployment times
  2. Address smartphone, mobile and web productivity requirements across the organization
  3. Gain competitive advantage and cost savings through operational efficiencies

Alpha TransForm is the only mobile development & deployment platform designed to cut the time it takes for developers to build industrial strength enterprise mobile apps, that smoothly integrate with back-end databases and systems of record, from months to days and then once built, the apps can be modified on fly without having to rebuild or republish to an app store.

Alpha TransForm is uniquely able to offer all the power and control of rich “low-code” platforms combined with the ease and speed of “mobile forms”.
Mobile apps built using Alpha TransForm are known for their robust offline operations with embedded business logic. Once deployed, TransForm apps can be modified instantly without further development or app rebuilds.
Who can benefit from Alpha TransForm

  1. Professional developers are adopting TransForm because of its unique power and extraordinary productivity, and then, if they need to build web apps or very specialized mobile capabilities, the work done in TransForm can be extended through Alpha’s top-rated low-code mobile and web development deployment platform Alpha Anywhere (which is in the same category as Outsystems, Kony Mendix.)
  2. Power users in business units are are also benefitting from TransForm by being empowered to build enterprise mobile apps themselves and are able to leverage their domain experience

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