Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Backup solutions are computer programs used to perform backup; they create supplementary exact copies of files, databases or entire computers

Disaster recovery (DR) is an area of security planning that aims to protect an organization from the effects of significant negative events. DR allows an organization to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster

Maximum Protection And Security For Your Data

Benefits of Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Individual File Restoration

Easy to configure and easy to manage, our recovery solution can restore a lost file from as much as 30 days back, so you don’t have to worry about failing to retrieve that lost file, even if you accidently delete it and empty the recycling bin.

Disk Level Backup and Recovery

If your hardware fails, your data can be restored in just a matter of hours. In the event of a hard drive failure, for example, the exact data can be duplicated to a new hard drive and get you back up and running as soon as the transfer is complete.

Disaster-Proof Data

Your data can be made disaster-proof with offsite replication to our data center. Even if your internet connection is slow, our replication is reliable and sends your files to our safe, secure data center, protecting it even in the event of fire, flood or other natural or man-made.


– You don’t need to worry about compatibility with your older hardware.Our Backup and Recovery Solutions are non-disruptive and can be installed without impacting your normal business routine.


Our Backup and Recovery Solutions can be configured and modified quickly to meet the demands of your high paced environment. If you need to add a new workstation or increase offsite replication size, we’ll get it done. Fast.

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