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Cybercrime is moving from a server room to a boardroom conversation

More and more criminals are exploiting the speed, convenience and anonymity of the Internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities that know no borders, physical or virtual. The human and technical aspects of cyber threats is changing.

New techniques blended with the old, resulting in highly evasive attacks. Vulnerabilities found and exploited in old infrastructure standards such as OpenSSL. At the same time, developments such as the rise of Ransomware and the Internet of Things have emerged to present a completely new set of infrastructure challenges.

With cyber crime costing countries billions, it is time to confront cyber crime head on and adopt a sophisticated, multi-layered security approach to match.

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The threat landscape

New or Déjà Vu? A Bit of Both Threat actors are blending old tactics, such as macros, in unwanted email with new evasion techniques. Old threats are being “recycled” into new threats launched through both email and web channels, challenging the most robust defensive postures. Hackers are gaining capabilities through the adoption of cutting-edge tools and cheap ‘exploit kits’ instead of technical expertise.