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Prediction and prevention is better than cure

Taking the right action to mitigate against network issues is much easier when you have proactive alerting and visibility of how your network is performing and the threats affecting your network, both now and in the future.

There’s a wealth of information about potential cyber attack patterns, and the risks your network faces, in your existing server logs and firewall data. By increasing the accuracy of reporting and warning time of security issues, costly downtime can be avoided.

Introducing Managed NOC – The Early Warning System from Boch Systems Security Partnerships

Imagine your Firewall stopped passing traffic, but your basic monitoring hasn’t alerted you and the firewall is still up and running. With Boch Systems Managed NOC, you are alerted the moment traffic is blocked with engineer advice on probable cause. So, you know there is a problem, where it is and the most likely cause. And all before the firewall is officially ‘down’.