All about us!

About Boch Systems

Boch systems Company Limited is a leading systems integration company of choice in West Africa with presence in Nigeria and Ghana, providing professional and high quality ICT services to our esteem clients. We are an Information Availability Company with proven track record of numerous awards, achievements and immense contribution to the information communication and technology sector which reflects our core values of service and excellence.

We are a Premium, established and trusted provider of information security and infrastructure solutions across West Africa with offices in Ghana and Nigeria. Founded in 2006, our business is founded on three core pillars of Trust, Experience and Dedication.

In more than a decade of ruling our world in the Information Availability industry, we still remain a Benchmark for Excellence across Africa. A trusted standard for companies and individuals acquiring services to protect their brands, businesses and dignity from baffling Cyber-attacks. Our thrust on securing the People-Process-Technology has enabled us to offer impenetrable security to our clients across the world.

At Boch Systems W.A., far from mere interest, we are driven by passion to offer reliable, timely, and cost-effective solutions; relying on our thoroughly skilled and dedicated workforce, supporting partners, and advanced technologies; thereby guaranteeing maximum ROI to all stakeholders.

Creating solutions for leading organizations in all sectors of the industry, commerce and government is what we pride on. We work with our customers to identify and create better ways of doing business – from optimizing existing tools and resources to realizing revolutionary processes.

Our Global expertize in what we do ticks all the list of Reliability and Dependability, which defines our margin on the competitive Chart.

To deliver seamless, proactive technology advancement to the connected world

To become the number 1 Information Availability company in Africa.

Boch Systems has four core values: Leadership, Excellence, Proactivity and Passion. Our employees are encouraged to share these core values in order to achieve desired levels of business and individual performance.

Leadership: We are committed to being a benchmark and reference point in our operating space

Passion: We are excited about what we do and the opportunities that abound by leveraging the power of technology

Excellence: We commit to the highest possible standards of service delivery

Proactive: We are committed to consciously creating the future we desire for our clients, staff and all stakeholders

Boch Systems West Africa offers a wide range of Security Solutions of inestimable value to a level of perfection that is incomprehensible in the industry we thrive, satisfactory delivery that beats the expectations of our Clients.

We profer the right solution for the needful requirement borne out of our dedication to help mitigate all risk of vulnerability, and ensuring delivery before deadlines, giving a lasting solution to their Business Challenges. Our Unparalleled Experience in offering Security Solution Services helps to set an unbeatable performance record in helping Global market maintain their integrity without the fear of being hit by cyber-attackers like a tsunami.